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In the present world where technology and finance are the most popular trends for both private individuals and corporate institution. Digimax Capital Partners has come up with the best solution to hedge funding with over a decade experience and highly trained and specialized team. DigiMax Capital Partners is a Global Hedge Fund with its regional Address in Zurich Switzerland which is home to the Densest Cluster of Crypto economic Companies that utilize Blockchain technologies. Recently with the cryptospace gaining more grounds, Digimax Capital Partners also incorporated their Game Plan using the present cutting edge technology(Artificial Intelligence) to analyze market trends and make accurate trades and maximum profits for their client

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The best portfolio management solution

With our highly trained and experienced team, we offer portfolio management service and they follow a wholistic approach to manage risk and also to liase with investors as we operate transparently and give you a detailed breakdown of what your funds go through and you can see how your profits build up

Digimax Capital Partners is also a social trading platform as everyone qualified from around the world is welcome to make use of our services. With over a decade of experience our experts could offer mentorship to clients to help them grow financially as we have certified wealth mentors in house both as members of the team and investors. We believe in team work and try our best to create a way for our investors to meet themselves and also share ideas for growth. At Digimax Capital Partners we take our client satisfaction seriously so we are open for discussion always so we can achieve the best and fulfil our promises annuling any constraints whatsoever

Fund/Portfolio Management

Since Digimax Capital Partners is diversified and backed up by over a billion dollar in deposit at a swiss account, We offer brokerage and investment services to only Accredited, Qualified and Sophisticated Investors as we manage over $20bn+ in investment from Clients all over the world with about $3 billion also traded by our team of professionals in assets collectively.

Digimax Capital Partners offers investors direct, convenient and transparent exposure to the emerging crypto asset class. The products provided by Digimax Capital Partners have several unique advantages such as using reputable and regulated service providers, crypto asset custody with European regulated banks and Crypto Fund AG’s status as the first, and only, FINMA regulated asset manager in Switzerland for crypto asset funds.

Our Team

We are a motivated team of Industry Experts with the aim of providing Turnkey Financial Solutions for Institutions and Individuals