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In the present world where technology and finance are the most popular trends for both private individuals and corporate institution. Digimax Capital Partners has come up with the best solution to hedge funding with over a decade experience and highly trained and specialized team. Digimax Capital Partners is a hedge Fund LLC that originated in switzerland and has traded securities in various markets achieving outstanding results. Recently with the cryptospace gaining more grounds, Digimax Capital Partners also incorporated their Game Plan using the present cutting edge technology(Artificial Intelligence) to analyze market trends and make accurate trades and maximum profits for their client

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We are the world's most trusted hedge fund partners

Digimax Capital Partners has partners in crypto and diversified backed up by over a billion dollar reserve in the SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle). Digimax Capital Partners is premium and at it's peak. Just picture the world's best in management and Technical analysis all working together just for you


Primarily, we ensure we follow the GDPR protocols and give proper privacy policies to our clients so all data is handled properly


Our clients and our data are all encrypted using standard AES encryption with also a secure website to prevent DDOS


All our transactions are fast so as to not delay any of our clients. We maintain a 24 hr interval deadline, not Later.


As our valued clients work with us, consistently their trust ratings go higher and they would also be incorporated into the team to help build more people.

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